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Number six  |  Wednesday, January 04 2017


The Mil'Ouv programme is entering its final year. It is time for the team to start building on the data acquired during the project. In particular, the production of a technical notebook and a high quality book intended for the general public under way, and an end of programme seminar is being organised. At the same time, thought is being given to maintaining the momentum of the activities undertaken in support of pastoralism and open habitats.



people are actively contributing to producing the publication of "Pastureland, the diversity and value of Mediterranean open habitats".
Be patient, it is due to appear in May 2017 !

Using locally available tools to support pastoralism
A discussion day was organised in the Hérault region on 5 July 2016. The day was intended for administrative and government officials and focused on potential practices and adjustments to land use planning documents with a view to supporting, maintaining and developing pastoralism in the regions. A field visit, in the commune of Montpeyroux, stimulated discussion based on the specific case of building a communal stable to ensure the continued presence of a shepherd and a herd.

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Contact: Sébastien Girardin



Finalisation and tests of the "Pastoral Rummy"

Thanks to the internship work of Emilie Zapata, the "Pastoral Rummy" has been improved and almost completed. The "Pastoral Rummy" is a "serious board game", intended to stimulate collective thinking about the design and development of pastoral systems. Designed to be used by a small group of 4 to 5 breeders, a technician/game leader uses a computerised module to model the feeding system created by the breeders. The breeders can then decide whether to develop it further or to simulate the impact of changes such as herd size, loss/gain of land area, changes in climate, etc. In the course of its design the game has been tested by three groups of pastoral breeders in the Cévennes, Ardèche and Hérault regions. It is planned to make a marketable version available at a later date.

Contact: Fabienne Launay



A study trip for PNC breeders


Three new workshops and a study trip organised by the Cevennes National Park (PNC) took place this autumn. The workshops brought together around twenty farmers to discuss specific subjects: grazing in bracken zones or on wetlands; the management of mixed vegetation; fenced paddocks to balance grazing pressure, etc. The study trip took place over two days. Four farms were visited, from the Causse Noir, via the Larzac, the Hérault scrublands and then the Haut-Languedoc area. The trip enabled around thirty participants (breeders and technicians) to discuss singular agro-pastoral systems that place high importance on the use of rangelands.

Contact: Julien Buchert



Preparation of the end of programme seminar

From 17 - 20 October 2017 the "International meeting of medediterranean agro-sylvo-pastoralism's actors " will bring together international actors of Mediterranean agro-silvo-pastoralism to meet, between Montpellier and Florac. This major event will provide the opportunity to present the results of the Mil'Ouv project and to broaden discussions to the international context, looking at major challenges such as markets and sectors, public policies, environmental changes, knowledge transfer and regional dynamics in support of pastoralism. This event is organised jointly with the CIHEAM-IAMM and the UNESCO Causses and Cévennes Alliance.

Contact : Fabienne Launay

Discussion of the next stages of the Mil’Ouv programme

The LIFE+ Mil'Ouv project has been extended for one year, taking the end date to December 2017. This extension is useful for completing work in progress and is also a good opportunity to build the next stages of the project together with an easy mind! The partnerships that have been strengthened or created in the course of the Mil'Ouv programme are well worth maintaining in the long term. Together with breeders, shepherds, the Regional Nature Parks, National Parks, Technical Institutes, Chambers of Agriculture, CIVAM centres for creating new developments to promote agriculture and the rural environment, training bodies, local government departments etc., let's build the projects of tomorrow to promote pastoralism and open habitats!

Contact : Sébastien Girardin


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- 19 January 2017 (Montpellier): Annual UMT Pasto discussion day. More informations available here.


- 27 January 2017 (Montpellier): Technical Committee of the Life+ Mil'Ouv programme.


- 27 - 31 March 2017 and 18 - 22 September (Florac): "Eco-pastoral diagnostics" training course for technicians. More informations available here.


- 17-20 october 2017 (Montpellier and the Causses and Cévennes area): Final seminar of the Life+ Mil'Ouv project, to be organised jointly with the UNESCO Causses and Cévennes territory.









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