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Number four  |  Monday, January 04 2016



The number of breeders attending the technical workshop organised in the Cevennes National Park region and in Aveyron.



The EU commission visit - a very positive review

On September 14th and 15th two European Commission specialists, Simon GOSS and Päivi RAUMA, came to Florac to meet the various Life+ Mil'Ouv partners and to carry out a project review.

For more information, see the article on the visit.


J. HURON presentation of her course dissertation

On 29th September, Jessica HURON, an engineering student at Montpellier SupAgro whose work experience has been gained at CEN-LR, presented her final dissertation. Jessica's work on the Life+ Mil'Ouv programme related to regional levers for encouraging the development of pastoralism and the socio-economic impact of pastoral practices. The advantages and disadvantages of these practices were considered, and a framework for monitoring the breeders supported during the project was proposed. The second section examined initiatives taken by local authorities to support pastoralism in their region. An analysis was made of these initiatives to determine the extent to which they respond to the constraints identified on the farms.

This work highlights the communication activities and the identification of local policy objectives that local authorities could undertake to emphasise the benefits that pastoralism can have on the region.

For more information, see the dissertation by Jessica Huron


40 eco-pastoral diagnostics have been carried out in the Cevennes National Park!

A total of 80 simplified interviews have been carried out in the PNC (Parc National des Cévennes) region. We have ensured that we met farmers with a range of different types of production and pastoral techniques. The latter included 40 who had benefited from an eco-pastoral diagnostic using the Mil'Ouv method. These 2-days diagnostics were each carried out by two people: an agro-environmental technician and a pastoral technician. The combined ecological and pastoral outlook is key to the Mil'Ouv method and this new approach is being introduced generally. Thirty of the farms are able to benefit from individual monitoring and specific support. The success of the first workshops and feedback from the farmers has encouraged us to carry on with this approach!

Contacts: Julien Buchert and Julien Marie from the Parc National des Cévennes

Working towards dynamic exchanges between breeders: the Life Mil'Ouv technical workshops

Four technical workshops were organised in the Cevennes National Park region in October. These half days brought together around 35 breeders and 9 technicians. Mathieu PASCUAL, a sheep breeder in the Cevennes, Hélène and Thierry CALVET BREDOIRE, goat breeders (cheese) 0n the Causse Méjean, and Yves COMMANDRE, a sheep and cattle breeder on the Mont Lozère, hosted us at their properties. We are grateful to them for opening their farm gates to us.

These days enabled the agri-environment technicians from the PNC and the pastoral technicians to provide an initial feedback on the diagnostics that had been carried out. The discussions were rich and the breeders expressed a great deal of enthusiasm.

From extremely technical exchanges on subjects such as the successful management of buckthorn, pasture parasites, to collective discussions on land availability and mountain summer pasture, there was no lack of ideas and all the breeders were unanimous concerning the need to meet and talk.

In Aveyron, the technical workshop held on 27th November at the GAEC du Guilhaumad farm was just as successful. At least 23 breeders took part in the technical workshop, which focused on grazing for young rangeland ewes.

In both the Cevennes and Aveyron, several subjects were identified for future workshops that will probably be planned for spring 2016: fencing techniques, paddock design and cross-fencing, complementary pasture species, brushwood management, etc. These topics all provide an opportunity for technical discussions between breeders and technicians.

The next Mil'Ouv technical workshops are planned for the spring!


Contacts: Fabienne Launay (Idele), Yolene PAGES (the Aveyron Chamber of Agriculture), Julien Buchert (Cevennes National Park), Guilhem Aussibal (The LR regional Chamber of Agriculture)

Training session "Agro-pastoral management and biodiversity"

Two new sessions of the training course on "Agro-pastoral management and biodiversity" will be provided by the Life+ Mil'Ouv programme and will take place at Supagro Florac from 14-18 March and 19-23 September 2016. One of the goals of the course is to understand the interaction between natural areas and the agricultural grazing systems in order to manage them both for agricultural production and the conservation of natural areas. In order to do this, the Life+ Mil'Ouv team has developed a summary diagnostic method that takes into consideration agricultural and pastoral aspects together with the environmental aspects. This method has resulted from the collection of existing tools for eco-pastoral management that have been developed in the field by a variety of bodies.

The course also aims to support participants who wish to learn the method through initial theoretical training, followed by its application in the field.


Calling all agricultural technicians and naturalists and managers of natural areas: hurry and register now!

Contacts: Nathalie Bletterie and Marie-Claire Chardes (Supagro Florac)

For further information on the course
Registration form



- Two new "Agro-pastoral management and biodiversity" training sessions are planned from 14-18 March and 19-23 September 2016

For more information: see the Programme and the Registration form

- A Mil'Ouv course for elected representatives will be held on 22 January 2016 in Florac
For further information contact: Julien Buchert (Parc National des Cévennes) and Sébastien Girardin (CEN-LR).


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